As an alternative to hotels, we make available accommodation for corporate employees clients who travel away from their home for work or business, giving them a home away from home housing within the UK


Our agents are fully insured and compliant, also very reliable providing us with excellent accommodation, alongside with a great maintenance team.


From start to finish we take care of our guest accommodation needs providing a high-end furniture and beautiful, admirable relaxed environment for their stay. Giving them a home away from home dwelling.

How we work.

P P Relocation Company,  specialize in providing outstanding accommodations for professionals, contractors, business and travellers.

We tailor our service to the needs of our clients adjusting to what best suits them rather than a general approach to our service.  We offer a pleasant and suitable outstanding living experience for our clients providing them with accommodation stay for days, weeks and  months if required.

When it comes to sourcing and managing properties for our clients we attend to all their needs, from negotiating contracts with agents getting and securing the best desirable deals as a representative for our clients. We completely manager and maintain our secure properties for our client working hand in hand with agents, ensuring all areas of the properties are being attended to if needed.  In which cause giving us the opportunity to give a smooth, consistent and hassle-free experience for our clients, than our clients attention will be on their work and priorities.

Each of our properties are fully furnished and well equipped with all you need for your stay away from home. To ensure you have a present stay with integrity we furnish you with the finest, quality accommodations. On a weekly basis one of our services is to provide our client with a professional cleaning services for each individual accommodation, which also include fresh clean linen and towels leaving our clients with clean and enjoyable living space all through their duration. To ensure a memorable and pleasant duration for our clients we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients with one-hundred percent satisfaction.

Features and Benefit

☐We have Comprehensive Insurance Package in place that acts as an extra layer of protection

☐We are Part of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) so everything needs to be above board and legal

☐We have Professional Cleaning Teams to maintain the standard throughout the term

☐We work with high calibre clients that work away from home which means limited footfall and less wear and tear